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Kasauli, with its cool, shaded paths, comes to life in summer when it?s migrant residents return to unlock their summer homes. But as soon as the June rains arrive, it chases everyone away, washing the town clean of dust, dry leaves and tourists. This really is the best time to visit Kasauli, when the air is sharp with the fragrance of wild flowers and fresh rain. The roads are empty except for a few black-faced langurs. You see the jagged line of grey and white mountain peaks clearly and hear the call of ravens as they fly across the valley. The town in June wears its old fashioned cloak with dignity and grace.The spring is simply stunning in Kasauli, with the trees unfurling into amazing colors of every hue. There are flowers everywhere - Zinnias, Dahlias and Morning Glory bloom alongside the wildflowers in the hillside.All you nature buffs would want to know that Kasauli is rich in birds and animals too. Same goes for the jungle cat, the jackal and the ghooral. However, sad but true, the leopards and shimla fox, which used to frequent the hillside, are a rare sight now. In case you are a litterbug, you better watch it because Kasauli is still a cantonment teeming with the army, and they do take a lot of effort to keep their town clean.

Or, do you dig Then you should revel in the natural beauty of Kasauli, in the private gardens ablaze with color, with the air smelling of pine. The truth is that the whole hillside is covered with pine, and the ground is carpeted with resin rich needles. You name anything...oaks, rhododendrons, horse chestnut, firs, wild cherry, other deciduous trees.. you get to see it.

Flora and Fauna in Kasauli

Flora: Pine trees, oak, rhododendron, fir trees, horse chest hut, zinnias, dahlias and morning glory

Wildlife: You might see the ghooral, jungle cat and jackal, rarely leopards and Shimla fox are spotted too.

The young hawthorne leaves can be used as a safe, and non-nicotine tobacco substitute for those who desire to quite smoking. Enhance the flavor and help heal the throat by adding yarrow, mint, coltsfoot or mullein.Chewing the hawthorne leaf has been known for centuries as a safe way to give nourishment, revive energy, and a feeling of well-being. That is why it can be used to treat those who have problems with apprehension, insomnia and despondency. Chewing hawthorne leaves takes away that ?tummy grumble? when you?re hungry. That is why the hawthorne became known as the ?bread and cheese? tree, giving as much sustenance as a plate of bread and cheese

Tempetature:In winter, temperature can lower just above freezing point when heavy woollens are required. During summer, the climate is mild and light woolens or cottons are recommended.

Nature Lover's Delight : Kasauli is truly a nature lover's delight. Wild blooms spring up everywhere between April to June. The landscape, then, is a riot of wild roses, rhododendrons, coral tree, flame of the forest, kachnar and kashmal. During the monsoon, wild cacti bloom. The two most spectacular cacti are the Raambaan (Yucca gloriosa) with its ivory bell-shaped flowers and the Century with its bright golden-yellow blossoms. Multi-colored cosmos dot the hillsides in autumn while the light-pink gorse is forever in bloom. A cute English saying goes like this:  Kissing is not in season when the gorse is not in bloom. So like the gorse in Kasauli, kissing is always in season.
Bird lovers have it rich in Kasauli. Expect to be woken up by the trill of blackbirds and enjoy the cries of white-necked bulbuls, mynahs and hill-crows. Flocks of scarlet minivets flit between tall pines and koels and Himalayan magpies with long curved tails can easily be spotted on warm afternoons. After the sun goes over the western hill, a deep shadow envelops the town and the blackbirds bid you goodnight.

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