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Kasauli;(1927 Mts): Kasauli can  in  no  terms  be   summed up as `Mountains`, `trees` and `water` because its appeal lies somewhere else. The appeal is `time wrap`, `the misty smell  of era` gone by and its `architecture’. Do not come prepared to see a `hill station`. Kasauli is much more than that...

Travel Tips and Do's. Foreigners who wish to overstay, should contact the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office or the Local Police Stations in the towns or cities.

1.Unleaded petrol is available at selected stations only.

2. If driving essential appears and extra fuel are recommended.

3. Sturdy vehicle like Jeep or Gypsy is suggested.

4. If crossing high Passes, good health is essential.

5. Dispensaries are available .

6. Prescription medicines and sun-screen lotion should be carried along.

7. The best time to traval in these areas is between April and October. While planning your trip, it is suggested that you check on general road conditions and confirm if the high Passes are open to traffic.

For further information please contact :
Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation
Marketing Office,The Mall,Shimla  - 171001

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